We’ve made plenty mistakes!

It’s true, and we are not shamed, because every single mistake made us better and stronger! With average 32 projects delivered each year, what you will get from us are much sharpened than we were starting.

Along the journey, we have stacked up so many modules and solution experiences that can expedite the development process for common needs, in another word, affordable price.

That also means we know what you are looking for, we know where you are heading, and we know exactly how to get you there fast!

(faster than any other agency you can find, don’t just take our word, try a Free Consultation to find out)

projects delivered
per year on average
🙌 🎉👏🎊

What we will cover for your project


Sitemap Planning

With our stacked experiences, we will plan out the most effective website structure for your business, no matter what niche you are in.


Content Writing

Preparing website content can be such a hassle for clients, we’ve learned in a hard way that let us do the heavy lifting works the best.


UI Design Preview

We will get your approval on the UI design prior to the actual development of a page, we bet you don’t see that often in “express” project.



With the preparation of sitemap planning, content writing, and UI design, we will combine them into the actual development.


CMS Training

For some project, there might be a CMS(content management system) involved, and we will ensure you get the proper training.


Hosting & Support

For you to focus on the core business, we provide NinjaCare™ program to take care the hosting and on-going support, so you don’t have to.

Save big on the common needs

Here we listed some common needs when building a website, which we can deliver 3x faster than average with our resources and experiences.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Great, head to our Custom Web Development to see another level of service we can deliver to our clients.

Check out some of our case studies for Express Web Design

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