What can Software Development do?

Literally, there is no limitation when it comes to custom development.

Some examples of customized solution

Get creative with any imagination, everything is possible with the right technology.

Example 1

Workflow Automation

If you are providing services, when you imagine your sales funnel, the potential customers will go through a process to get pre-qualified.

For those qualified leads with high closing rate, automatically send them into your sales calendar for a conversation; and for those that are not qualified, automatically enroll them into your email sequence — a sequence with content emailing that is also automated, so once the system detects a higher closing rate, it loops the customer back into your sales calendar to close the deal.

That way, your team can focus on the customers and can actually close a deal with you, saving tons of labor dollar!

Example 2

Data synchronization

Do you sell products and have multiple suppliers? Do you use accounting software like QuickBooks? If you do, I bet your team is using Excel and they update data among different systems.

We’ve had many clients that have this sort of situation, but the worst part - they don’t know they are struggling — they don’t know that there can be solutions to save tons of their labor, and to not make mistakes!

What if I tell you, there can be a simple way to seamlessly sync all your data by working on one platform, and I’m talking about your inventory, invoices, customers, sales, etc. - everything in one place! Don’t you want that?

Example 3

Online Registration

A lot of businesses need some sort of online registration, because it is the simplest way for people to complete the task from anywhere, anytime nowadays.

Despite how useful online registration can be for your business, sometime it is hard to find an already-made solution that can perfectly slip right into your operation procedure.

But, with customized online registration design, we can bring you a tailor-fit solution that will smoothen your flow of work and save you TONS of trouble, and yes, take payment directly from the registration!

Example 4

Warehouse Management

There are lots of businesses that are dealing with warehouses, and almost everyday, a headache occurs somewhere in the operation.

Imagine that your staff can easily scan your shipment receiving, and the data information will automatically get inputed into your system, and for a bonus, at the same time, it’s synchronized to other softwares like QuickBooks, your own website, etc.

All above are literally achievable, and we can develop a system like this for you so you don’t have to deal with all your warehousing headaches.


And So Much More…

There can be 100 other ways to simplify your SOP(standard operation procedure), making them synchronized and automated!

Modern technology can significantly boost your productivity, and on the other hand, it increases your bottom line.

How you get started: By telling us about your business, and seeing what we can customize for you!

We’ve got tech stack for any project

With an in-house full stack development team, we are able to handle any request you may have that others can’t handle.

Roadmap to ensure your project success


Initial Free Consultation

Everything starts with a simple conversation, it’s like a two-way interview process to find out if we are a good fit to each other. Start the conversation


Discovery with Ninja Workshop™

This is the process where we explore possibilities and propose solutions, Ninja Workshop™ starts at $500 USD with minimum 3 days of work.


Product UX/UI Design

Sleek-designed UI is like the soul of a product, just looking at our own website, you shall know the level of expertise our designers can deliver to your project.


Full Stack Development

When we have in-house full stack team, the capability and productivity are skyrocketing, we can handle projects in almost all categories. See our tech stack


Testing & Debugging

Just like every successful product, a testing stage is a must to ensure the success, and in this process, you are also invited to experience the beta version.


Product Official Launch

Believe or not, we are probably more excited than you are in this stage, simply because we treat every project as our own and it makes us feel proud!


On-going NinjaCare™ Support

For you to focus on the core business, we provide NinjaCare™ program to take care of the hosting and on-going support, so you don’t have to.


Sound like a good fit for you?

Custom Software Development can handle anything you want in your project, turn your thoughts into an actual product or tools to help with your business. Depending on the requirements, the usual investment range can be $20k - $300k.

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