Top 3 web design agencies in New York

By landing on this page, the chance is you searched for keyword terms related to “New York” and “Website Design”, so we did you a favor listing three of the best web design companies serving New York area.

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The purpose of we doing you the favor is simple, since you are looking for website design, the best portfolio piece an agency can ever present to you is their own website, and we are just that confident! (even if you have different opinions, we feel good about referring to someone you prefer)

How we differentiate ourself to others

Most web design agencies use templated CMS like Wordpress to build websites, which means very little room for customization. Our team is in a totally different league, because we have full tech stack to handle any request you have that others can’t handle.

Other Agencies
Optima Ninja

The most commonly used platform for building websites, with themes and plugins, which requires minimum coding knowledge. Wordpress powers 1/4 of the websites from the entire world.

It is the most fundamental coding language, so any agency shall know at least some of it for basic development needs. But to us, we expertise HTML that it is as easy as speaking daily conversations.

Similar to HTML5, this is the basic coding language that changes the look of your website. While most agencies don’t know or only know a little of it, we can use CSS3 to deliver any design that will set your website apart from others.

Most agencies use third-party hosting for clients, like GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc., while we have the capability to provide hosting on directly from AWS EC2 cloud solution, with advanced cPanel licensing, it takes in-depth skills in order to do so.

This is the backend language that fulfills all kinds of functionalities on your website, but since most agencies are Wordpress developers, very few of them have this sort of backend coding capability.

Just like PHP above, Javascript is the coding language to fulfill frontend requirements that a Wordpress-only agency can’t perform, but we have the expertise in many Javascript framework like React, Vue, and Angular.

There are some SEO related guidelines when developing a website, but unfortunately we still see both small and big firms that don’t fully follow. An on-page optimized website can rank easier than those who don't.

After dealing with so many business and digital marketing, we know exactly what sales funnel will work for your industry, and turn your website to a 24/7 salesman for your business.

Because we have direct hosting provided for our client, when there is a root access need, we are free to do so, yet while other agencies with third-party hosting need to work with the hosting vendor for a solution, but most of the times it fails.

The 4 reasons we will be a good fit for your project

Optima Ninja has helped many companies across the U.S. to grow their businesses online by providing them with cutting-edge internet strategies and solutions.

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We’re tech savvy

With an in-house full stack development team, we are able to handle any request you may have that others can’t handle.

We’re experienced

A few years in business, we have stacked up so many modules and solution experiences that can expedite the development process for common needs.


Business & Organization

Online portfolio is the most common way for people to know about your business


E-Commerce Website

Online platform to sell your products to anyone and anywhere in the world


Service Lead Generation

Your 24/7 salesman to generate service leads for your business


Local Restaurant

Let you customer be able to see your menu online and make reservation


IoT & Automation

Take advantage of IoT and automation to enhance your product


Database Application

Expedite your daily workflow by a tailor-fit cloud solution for your enterprise

We’re supportive

NinjaCare™ is a monthly subscription plan at client’s choice while signing up - it deducts $5000 - $24,000 initial development cost, and provides on-going support & hosting solutions with a monthly subscription.


Project Progress

Monitoring your project development process


Support Ticket

Submitting tickets for on-going content update


Invoice Management

Where you can view and manage your invoices from us

We’re affordable

Here we listed some common needs when building a website, which we can deliver 3x faster than average with our resources and experiences, in another word, affordable!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Great, head to our Custom Web Development to see another level of service we can deliver to our clients.

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New York is a global hub of business and commerce, the city is a major center for almost everything. With a city like that, many companies focused their business in New York, and we don't want to be left behind, so let us bring the top-notch web design services to New York.

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