How To Get Started

We prepared three awesome initiatives for you to get some insights of the digital world, and to help you figure out what are the things that can help you succeed online.

Strategy Session

This free session is aimed at sharing insights on how you can use digital solutions to grow your business rapidly.
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Ninja Workshop™

Our digital professionals will help you come up with a structural plan and figure out the labor hours required for each item.

Website Checkup

We'll research and evaluate your entire website, then offer at least five vital strategies that can enhance your growth.

3 Steps To Grow Your Business On The Internet

At Optima Ninja, we use the following design and marketing elements to convert your website visitors to loyal customers.

Invest In User Experience

Studies show that 75% of online users judge the credibility of a brand from the look of its website. A website with a good user interface is paramount in creating trust in your brand. That's why you need a professional UI/UX on your website, in order to give a good first impression. This will increase your customers trust in your brand, making them more likely to complete a purchase. A good first impression will also boost the sale conversion rate, thus improving your online presence.

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Building Sales Funnel That Converts

At Optima Ninja, we plan and develop a custom digital sales funnel by studying the business model, the products, and services of the client. Our main aim is to generate high-quality traffic using proven techniques, which include website SEO, pay per click advertising, email marketing, etc. After that, we then convert this traffic into sales leads!

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On-going Analysis and Optimization

We value all our clients, and treat their businesses like our own. At Optima Ninja, we always monitor growth in the conversion rate by analyzing traffic from each stage in the sales funnel. We then optimize anything that can generate more customers.

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