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In business, innovation is a catalyst to growth. With rapid advancements in transportation and communications over the past few decades, some ideas seem positively ancient for today’s global economy. New, fresh thinking is most valuable commodity of our time.


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It’s apparent that e-commerce won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Not only are there more and more businesses looking to establish online stores every day, but businesses are constantly looking to develop and improve the e-stores they already posses. E-commerce sales have been growing at 10% each year in the US alone and 19% worldwide. For shoppers, the commodities are plentiful- and for retailers, the benefits are more than abundant.


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At Optima Ninja, we’re committed to your complete satisfaction by providing quality service and premium support, so you can contact us anytime you need help with technical questions, special requests, and more. Our Tech Support experts and Customer Service representatives are always here to answer your questions.

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Code from Scratch

100% customizable, catering to various needs
Tailor made for any special request.

Wordpress CMS

Preffered Choice for small to medium business
Clean presentation and low cost.

As with most things in life, hand-made equals higher quality and it is our belief that the same applies to web development.

There are no limitations on graphics and functionality. If you can imagine it, a custom site can be programmed to do it.

Custom-built sites are flexible and can grow with you. Down the road you might need significant changes to not only the design, but also the functionality of your site. If you’re working with a template site, you may have to start over in the event of major changes. It’s much easier to add new features to a custom site.

Custom-built sites are easier to update as WordPress is updated. Your developer will be able to fix any problems that might occur as WordPress is updated, because they can change the coding of the site. If a WordPress update breaks a template site that hasn’t been maintained by the template developer, you’re out of luck and are stuck running an older version of WordPress. This makes your site more vulnerable to hackers.

Search engine optimization is better in custom-built sites. Web developers who build sites from scratch have the technical knowledge to make sure your site is optimized for search engines. This is a key part of your digital promotion, especially if you are targeting a specific geographic area or service/product segment.

WordPress powers more than 28% of the web — a figure that rises every day. Everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even applications, are built with WordPress.

WordPress combines simplicity for users and publishers with under-the-hood complexity for developers. This makes it flexible while still being easy-to-use.

Flexibility With WordPress, it can create any type of website: a personal blog or website, a photoblog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a government website, a magazine or news website, an online community, even a network of websites. It can make the website beautiful with themes, and extend it with plugins. We can even build your very own application.

Full Standards Compliance Every piece of WordPress generated code is in full compliance with the standards set by the W3C. This means that your website will work in today’s browser, while maintaining forward compatibility with the next generation of browser. Your website is a beautiful thing, now and in the future.

Search Engine Optimized WordPress is optimized for search engines right out of the box. For more fine-grained SEO control, there are plenty of SEO plugins to take care of that for you.

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  • Powerful AWS Server
  • Free Monthly Content Update
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Single Language Interface
  • Up to 40 Hours Development
  • Up to 40G Monthly Bandwidth
  • Up to 5G SSD Storage
  • Up to 3 Free Email Accounts
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  • Powerful AWS Server
  • Free Monthly Content Update
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Weglot Bilingual Interface
  • Up to 70 Hours Development
  • Up to 100G Monthly Bandwidth
  • Up to 10G SSD Storage
  • Up to 10 Free Email Accounts
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  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • On-Site Strategy Meetings
  • 100% Code from Scratch
  • Bi-Weekly Development Report
  • Design View Prior to Development
  • Free Monthly Content Update
  • Premium Ninja Care
  • VIP Rate on Design & Print
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Third party integrations

With many powerful third party integrations, we can make your website more expandable, with affordable cost and proven result


Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business. Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.
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Mail Chimp

MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform. Millions of customers, from small e-commerce shops to big online retailers, use MailChimp to reach their customers and grow their business.
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Beautiful, simple, powerful store locator app. Works on all web platforms and CMS systems.
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