What are the unnoticeable yet important details in the web design?

Web design seems easy to do, but in fact, it’s a very tricky process. That is why some websites bring in a user-friendly online experience to visitors, while other websites make their visitors close them down immediately. So, let’s talk about what are the details we need to pay attention to and avoid from in a general web design project.

No matter on what devices, the online experience needs to be as similar as possible

Most of the times, users will visit your website through different devices. They can be a mobile phone, a computer or an iPad. In order to impress them with an excellent user-friendly online experience, we have to ensure that no matter what devices they are using, you can offer them the same perfect online experience. 

Probably every one of you has such experience: some websites look good on a computer but when you open it on your mobile phone, the layout becomes extremely big, and it’s very troublesome to find the content you want.

The clear and simple navigation design

Navigation is a usable foundation of a website. Even the web design is close to perfect, if the users can not find what they want, it’s still in vain. So, when we design a website, the page needs to be organized and clear at first. Then it’s the navigation that needs to be clear. Last, we need to make sure that all the above standards are expressed on every device as possible. 

Make the visited links show in different colors

If there are many contents that need to be shown on the website, then you need more links. The colors of the links need to be different from the main contents. If you don’t differentiate the links and the main content in colors, users will probably visit the same page repeatedly. So, show the visited link in different colors. In this way, the users will know what to click next.

Let users easily skim through the pages

Users usually will not read through the whole website when they open it. Instead, they just take a glance at it quickly and then find the navigation section of what they want to search. It’s better not to have too many navigation sections. Moreover, one same element should not be shown on a page repeatedly. The website needs to be simple, and the contents can be arranged in the priority of importance in order to have a hierarchical presentation. The key content can be set as the focus of the page for users to find out easily, but not to put all contents in the same level on a page, which it will make the website look confusing and messy, and the users don’t know where to go.

Carefully to check all links

Believe it or not, we all have such same experience: when you visited a website, the above image was shown. At that time, we would say “What the ……” in our hearts and feel a little disappointed. So, in order to avoid users having such negative feeling when they visit your website, you need to make sure that every single link is pointed to the right page.

Avoid the scroll hijacking

The Scroll Hijacking usually means that the developer or the web designer changes the scrolling fixed position or even the scrolling conditions and the experience itself for realizing a new layout, animation, and the arrangement and bringing in an unordinary scrolling experience. However, generally speaking, don’t create an immersive adjustment on the scrolling user experience design. Most of the times, it is unacceptable to sacrifice the content readability and contrast for the beauty of the design.

Don’t set the autoplay function to the audios and videos

The audio and video autoplay function is an uncontrollable and stimulating experience for the users. But such design needs to be applied carefully unless users already have the expectation on it. Every one of you probably has such similar awful experience: you clicked on a video accidentally and its audio came out loudly, as you were in a library or a class.

Don’t use flashing content and advertisement

Using the flashing content will make users’ eyes uncomfortable, and the whole website looks very “low”. It will also affect users’ trust in the website.

In conclusion

It does take a lot of effort to shape your website to where it needs to be, this is also why agencies like us exist. We are recognized as a top E-Commerce Design & Development Company on DesignRush

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