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What do you need to build a website

What do you need to build a website? Generally speaking, you need a host and a web server at first to store your website data. Next, you need a domain name and last a UI design + frontend design + backend design. UI is the interface of your...Read More


The "internet+" era, can you catch up its development trend?

In this "internet+" era, sticking to the convention will eventually make your website be eliminated. Only changes and innovation will greet the new breakthrough. So, how can we catch up its development trend? And what are the trends of web ...Read More


What are the unnoticeable yet important details in the web design?

Web design seems easy to do, but in fact, it's a very tricky process. That is why some websites bring in a user-friendly online experience to visitors, while other websites make their visitors close them down immediately. So, let's talk about...Read More

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