Who We Are


Yes, we are an elite group of Ninjas- with lightning speed and accuracy… but instead of completing secret missions, we optimize business for our clients- Woo hah!

Started in 2016 in Houston, Texas, as just a one-man army, we have now grown into a dynamic group of 8- full of talented designers, marketers, and developers; each Ninja on the team is motivated and always aims for the best. We always take on bigger and bigger challenges and, through talent and motivation, we continuously conquer one after another until our clients are satisfied with what we deliver and we are happy with what we create.

What We Do

Our essential task is simple: to develop and present modern, fully-functional websites and web solutions for our clients. We don’t just create websites- we cultivate a beautiful but productive web presence for our clients. Our goal is not to simply host a flashy snapshot of our clients, but rather to offer our clients an online portal that enhances and boosts their businesses and cranks out real consumer results. From restaurants and corporations to online retailers and industry wholesalers, to even personal bloggers and non-profits, there is not a business or organization that Optima Ninja won’t help achieve Cyber Zen.

We invite only the best talents to become one of our developer Ninjas. Our graphic design and content writing Ninjas are the best of the best: more than half of our clients have chosen to enlist our graphic designers and content writers to ensure an even more professional website. In fact, we’ve never had a complaint!

To see for yourself, navigate to our portfolio page and be amazed by what we can create for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Simply put- we deliver results.

Moreover, we don’t just deliver what we promise, we continue to strive to go above and beyond. We want our clients to love us, and we want to fall in love with every single client we encounter, so that we may see every partnership we have blossom into fruit for us all. Because at Optima Ninja, we believe in long-term relationships- start one with us today.

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